Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about

After lunch it was off to HomeFarm, there was a photoshoot by the film team, who for some reason said that the Emmerdale club had 125 members rather than 125 of the Club had come on the weekend. A wander around the grounds which the lady of the house looks after herself with out the help of gardeners. Then we meet "Mr Explosive" and his team, today they were showing the methos of how Sadie was shot. However Sadie having left they needed a volunteer. It was much to dangerous for the fans so Mr Fee was the victim.

Tim introducing Ian and his team.
The film crew
Ian shows how loud the shots are
He resets the long wire things.
"Fingers in ears"
The test shots
They were very loud bangs
The equipment is prepared
Tin starts to strip off
The first piece of protection is in place
Then comes the shield and explosive.
The crew get a close up, there is a good posibility this could be on the TV
Is he signing his last will and testement?
Fingers in ears
This man was very quick to offer to shoot Emerdale's line manager. He beat the staff to it!
Hands up
Why did you wear white Tiim?
Yes it is rather a mess
The crew move in for a close up
Time to get the equipment off
Handing back the gun
Tim thanks Ian for the demonstration.
He adds that once back at the hotel there will be a talk by Richard and Jo the interactive media team.