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Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
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The Prop Room
No drama can be complete without one, so after a huge breakfast Saturday morning we went off in our coaches. coach C's first stop was indeed the prop room hidden away at the back of the main Emmerdale studios. There were the same number of tabels as there are blocks so a a whole shoots props could be layed out together al date with the days needed. Photos accompanied some and all the luggage was labeled so characters used the same things each time.

A note on the board mentioning things for baby Sarah.
Police badges, with the unit number right next to the one on the table.
The sweets on the tables were very tempting, but we had all promised not to touch anything as stuff was put in places so they could easily be found.
That pushchair looks rather large
Two babies no prizes for guessing who will be using this., Though I think Jimmy's Angels are dreaming otherwise.
Anyone remember this headline?
Does this poster bring back memories of not so long ago?
The stores for the WoolPack?
Stairs to nowhere, these are sometimes used in filming. However when this happens all the stuff from the next room has to be moved then put back when filming has finished.
It was like wandering around a secondhand hypermarket. Fun though spotting who had what on screen.
This is Tom's last resting place, the coffin is already for the funeral.
Is this the answer everyone playing the "Who Killed Tom King?" game is looking for!