Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about

Saturday night at 7pm everyone again met in the bar, drinks in had ready to meet the cast.
Autograph hunters were everywhere. For some reason it seemed very crowded this year.
Dinner was served at 8.30ish it was four courses after which the disco started for dancing the music went on until 1am, after which people drifted off to their rooms by 3am very few of us were left.

John McNally and Eli Dingle
Lisa D being interviewed by the film crew with Kath looking on, I also reconise Karins mum there.
Brenda and Billy Hopwood.
Mr Hopwood seems to get around
The after dinner auction, there were a few items on sale, Sadies make up bag and contents and also her phone were but two.
If you look carefully you might find a few familar faces.
I can see Kaarina, and Kath Beedles the producer.
Debbie and Grayson.
Well I think thats Vanessa with Grayson, Marlon, Debbie and Eli
Silly flash never went off on this one so it looks like Eli and Grayson are in the twilight zone
I wonder what Perdy is telling Debbie
Marlon looks serious there
Grayson has spotted something
I can see McNally there, I'm not sure who else
Helen models her Who Killed Tom King T shirt for Andy.