Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about
The studios.
The police station and prison have been moved to another building, we were told the whole movement took a week.

Remember when Chloe had her ducking? The above is what was used to film it. I managed to get two volunteers to demonstrate though unfortunately there wasn't any water handy.
As you can see the decoration for the new sets was still underway.
After a short coach trip back to the main Studio it was our turn to look to play spot the changes. All I'll say is look carefully at the back room of the Woolpack.
Ednas set above, used to be housed in The Mill, as you can see it's in the middle of a move.
That was the main studio, did you notice what was in Viv and Bobs flat?
Next it was down to the Woolpack where a film crew were waiting, the were to follow the club about all over the weekend to get interviews and take footage for a new programme coming up in Febuary. The first picture show Hwlwn who managed to work the til in the Woolpack and get herself a receipt.
It was Helen who was asked to call time when it was time to leave and head off to the ITV Centre for lunch.
The morning finished with all the coaches at the ITV center queuing for lunch just as the cast and crew do when on location. The food however was taken in doors to be eaten, There was as usual a god selection to choose from. with my favourite toffee sponge pudding and custard for afters.