Club Weekend
Last but not Least
Helen and Lee
Out and about

The Village.

It was up in the morning to be ready for 9.15. Aboard the coaches we were taken to the village. On arrival we were told to make our way to the graveyard as Tim had a surprise for us all.

At the graveyard the first thing Helen Densie and I did was search for the headstone of Seth.This time we found it almost immediately not like the hunt we had when looking for Stan's real resting place in Barnsley which we never found.
The poem that Sandy said to Betty was engraved on it.

Behind you can see the crowd gathering, so we joined them

There was a bench. Not any old bench either but a memorial to Stan, yes the bench has "In loving memory of our dear friend Stan Richards" engraved on it. Picky took a close up of the engraving I'll put that up when I put his pictures.
Tim gave a speech on the life of Seth in Emmerdale and also a little on Stan. Eerily as he came to a finish the bells of the church tolled, Roly had made his way down there and rang them.
A wooden cross that marks Alice's Dingles grave.
A hole ready for Tom King
The village hall, there was coffee tea and biscuits there all morning
Helen just couldn't resist.
It wasn't that slidy though
According to Ashley's diary he killed Tom King
The Emmerdale Clubs tree
Annie's cottage and Jacobs fold
The Mill the inside though houses the Dr's surgery.
The office of Dr Abbott
The garage all closed up.
Edna's cottage
Betty, Sandy and Alan all live here.
The B&B
The B&B had been redecorated
The Smithy, if you notice the birdhouse that's where the web cam is housed.
Mill Brook cottage still not renovated
I was told as yet there were no plans to bring anyone to live there
Ian Rowley gave another demonstration today. the explosive in the JCB's bucket went high in the sky
Warming Shadrachs bath
Gas is piped into the trough and set light by a flame thrower type thing.
With the flames it was back to the hotel and Sunday lunch after which it was goodbye for another year.