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2007 British soap Awards
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The audience started arriving in the morning, the people I asked said 11.30 but some where there earlier than that. although the weather had been dull it wasn't until everything was ready to film that the rain started.

The press started arriving about 3.30 they were let in a short while before the audience.

This year something went wrong in the organisation of that. The people who had been queuing since morning were sent to the back, and those late arrivals were in the front. After some complaints the woman audience supervisor said a member of the production team would be down to put those who had been there longest at the front seemed weird. But of course he didn't. Those at the front were just told if they pushed the barriers they would be out no questions asked.

Jenny was asked to pose for the press before the real filming started. Before that however a group of the audience who were in last, decided they didn't want to stay and had to be escorted out. One spoke to an audience controller, and was told she would have to write to ITV.


The production team wait for things to begin.
One last check before things started to move.
The first few girls in were from Holyoaks they were whisked to the photographers and asked to pose. The same with the first one of the Emmerdale cast, Roxanne the press had her posing every which way they could.
Jenna- Louise came over and signed autographs for the girls,. By this time the rain outside started coming down. Where the stars walk is covered, but the back part of the audience and where the camera men were was in the open
Charlie Webb had come in with Jenna, they took it in turns posing for the press and signing their names for the fans.
Charlie had goose bumps as did a lot of those that walked the carpet.
Ken Farrington and Tom Lister, expect to see in a newspaper near you Tom pretending to strangle Ken.
The pose for the press.
Eden waits looking at the crowds of people.
Lucy and her guest.
Charlie Hardwick looking over whilst waiting for her cue to step on the carpet.
She smiles at the press
She then headed over and signed books whilst chatting
She kept on signing before going back to the press
Linda Thorson adjusts her wrap before stepping on to the red carpet, she didn't seem to pose for the press but went along the carpet. Shy of the ever screaming crowds perhaps?
This is all I managed to take of Adele. The press grabbed her for photos.
John waiting to go in
With John came Paula who plays his mother in law.
Paula looks cheerful posing for the press.
Matthew who plays Eric son dressed in virginal white.
Haley waiting to go on the carpet gave a wave.
Can you see who is hiding there?
Jeff Hordley of course. He was chatting as he signed.
James stopped for a second
Mark and Verity came in together.
I think this one went out of focus.
Verity was told to look this way look that way, look behind..
Linda and Kelsey
Look who is behind you...... it's Eddie!
Linda was waylaid by the camera guys.
Julia looked over and waved whilst waiting her turn.
Chris and Georgia pose for the cameras
Kelvin looks on nervously
This time the ITV cameraman has got Chris and Georgia in shot.
Isobel waits in the wings with her mum.
Cleveland and Kerry pose together.
Is this another new hairstyle for Cleveland?
Last but not least, Jenny. Looking very different to Noreen.
After the parade had finished it really started to rain the heavens opened. The audience were told everything was finished they could go. Several people who hadn't brought coats waited at the end under the last bit of shelter. The lady controller followed them out like a military operation and wouldn't let anyone shelter from the rain as "They had so much to do" I just hope they never caught colds. I overheard one person say
"Ever felt used" Then again the small girls at the front said they had a very enjoyable time. All in all I think people forget in the end it's all what makes good viewing not nessacerily what's good for those there live.
Still all said if you are lucky enough to get in the front row, and remember it's an autograph and photo hunt not a party, it can be fun meeting all those that enter your house night after night entertaining you.
One question I've been asked is how do you get there. Well you have to vote. After voting you are asked to send an email with your favourite three soaps. The first 500 pulled out the virtual hat get tickets.
Well done Emmerdale on your two awards.