Club Weekend

Friday Night
The evening


At the studio

The Match

Saturday was a long day.
The Entrance to the prop room.
Home of the Bionic Bear
Babies galore
I love this poster.
Headingly 1991 cricket match
Chris wanted a cuddle.
Pictures from Bettys wall. The bottom one is an original water colour by a local Yorkshire artist Neil Jackson
Helen trying out a cell for size.
one up and one down.
Just one more minute !!
Val takes a well earned 5 minutes.
A Christmas day script.
Plans for the pub sign.
The village.
Viv and Bob's family photos.
To Carl... a love letter perhaps?
Romance is the air.
Champagne too.
This one could possibly be upside down.
Rose or Mary?
The factory.
Daniels room.
Butlers Farm.
Plastic leaves.
Just testing
I'm saying nothing!
Bob just can't keep away from the Woolie.
Tony in fact took time out to explain the complexities of acting logistics.
Back of the Woolpack.
Marlons kitchen
Ian Rowley.
That bear gets everywhere.
The long drive of Home Farm