Club Weekend

Friday Night
The evening


At the studio

The Match

Saturday Evening arrived the club members came down to the bar. Soon to be joined by some of the cast from Emmerdale. Cameras and autograph books out pictures were mostly taken before dinner and just after. The night giving way to the music and dancing,. It was midnight before people started to drift to their rooms. Some stayed up until the small hours.
Ali and Mathew with a drinkn in hand.
Elizabeth arriving
Steven Adi and Elizabeth with Kath.
Conner with his real mum and dad.
David and Minna
Ayden with a fan.
Table 6 what more can I say?
Enter Shadders!
Back from the grave is Len
A sweeping bow from Mr Mower
The bag on Mathews shoulder isn't a manbag, but part of a lot for the auction that takes place after dinner. The bag and mobile phone where Kelly's
Here Nicola helps with the auction.
Demonstrating the phone.
Steven and Ayden
James as himself.
That not so nice policeman Shane otherwise known as Paul
Nicola signs one of mny autographs Charley Webb can be seen in the background.
Len chatted about his part in Dad's army. In the background can be seen David Metcalf and James Hootons partner.
Young Jake. Or James as he is known off screen
Dinner is over. Mark and Chris stand talking.
Steven Helen and David.
PC Donna Windsor Dingle has a night off.
All ready to head for the bar?
This was taken around 1 am Helen and Mark.
Time for a quick one with Denise before getting the taxi to where ever.