Club Weekend

Friday Night
The evening


At the studio

The Match

After lunch at the YTV studio which was yummy. We were off to Mr Explosives.
Ian has his own website here

After a wrong turn we arrived at Mr Rowley's workshop.

We spit into two groups one going upstairs to the "sound room" and watching a video of his work as well as stunts in Emmerdale there were others shown too.

Remember Bionic Bear?
This is a wind and rain machine,
Ian asked for a volunteer.
An innocent looking thing! It's where the rain comes from
The volunteer has a play.
Next up for a go is Helen
What does this button do?
Thats enough of the mechanical side lets play!
After the rain comes the gentle breeze
Denise joins in for a wake up shower!!
These oversize hats adorn the wall
A giant size phone
Is Dusty really 50?
After the all too short visit it was off to Homefarm, before back to the Weetwood and a talk by Mr Fee.
The talk this year was called "Life out of Emmerdale" As well as telling the listeners of the videos that had been made including the Woolpackers, Tim went on to tell of the charity work the cast and crew do, from cricket and football matches to the marathons and runs.