Club Weekend

Friday Night
The evening


At the studio

The Match

Friday 8th Februray saw the 18th Club get together.
I had driven "Up North" on Thursday. Southern Belle was playing host again to club members either side of the weekend. After catching up on a few months news and getting Helen from the coach, it was in fact quite a late night. On Friday we made the rest of the journey over to the Weetwood Hotel, where we could unload the bags and meet with people, some who we hadn't seen for just over a year others we had met at cricket matches, plus some new faces.
7pm on Friday evening, Tim Fee Line Producer of Emmerdale meets and greets the club members. He gives a run down of the events over the weekend then goes on to introduce the cast to have arrived for the evening. As well as give appoligies for little Eden who plays Belle as she had the flu and couldn't attend at all.

As you can see Southern Belle and Helen are listening intently to tims speech.


What would the weekend be like without Roly?


Domonic ad Steve take a breather from the autograph hunters.
Joining them on her first visit to the club weekend is Kelsey, she is very tall.
The bar in the Weetwood, can you spot anyone you know?
Some familiar faces here, I do believe these ladies came all the way from Finland.
Chris bought along his bodyguard.
The lady with Chris here I only know as "John's mum"
Tim watches Chris write a note to Helen.
Chris came appologising in advance for missing Saturday. He was off up the Andes for charity
Something happened to distract everyone. I don't remember what though.
After the photos it was time for dinner. For starters there was a choice of soup or Prawns with Marie Rose sauce and melon. The main course had four choices. Pork, Turkey or Salmon. Also Aubergine Charlotte. For afters a choice between apple crumble and custard or something chocolatey. Finishing with coffee and mints.  
After dinner for those that wanted to watch, that nights Emmerdale was shown. Then in the bar a pub quiz. This was run by three of the members, who knew all about pubs and quizzes. How ever in the interests of being inparcial the questions were set by the Emmerdale archivist and sealed in an envelope. The quiz consisted of 4 Q&A rounds and a picture round. Teams of four were formed and the winners recieved a goody bag each.