Club Weekend

Friday Night
The evening


At the studio

The Match

Bright and early Saturday Morning, ok so it was 9am but I had been up since 7.15 honest. Full English breakfast too. First port of call for coach C was the prop room followed by the hopsital, jail new Bettys then the Woolpack and rest of studio. As you can see we had a surprised guest at the Woolie!!!
The Entrance to the prop room as you can see Robblesfield is only 6 miles away.
Margate is much nearer only 20 yards.
I couldn't get through a morning without my caffiene. These loverly gents also had chocolate biscuits.


One of the pictures hanging in the props room


Remember Lexi's beach barbie?

These little gems were on sale in the foyer. The proceeds going to charity.

I had a peek ni these to see what Edna put in the mag.

The contents stay with me I'm afraid.

These bank books went in the silent auction. again for charity.
The same with these little gems.
Remember Dr Viv's Book?
Here we have the picky one...... keep watching.
I have the evidence... mind you he'd have a shock of he really took and tried them. The labels are made by The Works. and wrapped around tims of any type of beer. Some have been on so long the beer is well and truely out of date.... yuk!!
A table where all the props are put. Including it seems Donalds chair.
A list of babies
Blasts from the past.
Thelma Louise even has a set of drawers.
Someone is all tied up.
Cathy and Heathcliff
A bionic bear was found
Back out side thereare various King trucks.
Tea and biscuits anyone?
Seth and Betty's set, is is still known as that even though Seth is now longer with us, has been moved and made bigger. In the move two of the paintings on the wall had inadvertantly been changed over.
Val pointin out and explaining why the change.

On to the police station.

first a list of contact numbers.

Who is in the cells...
Round the corner the hospital.
Back to the station and the interview room.
An ex Jimmy's Angel waiting to be saved so she can become a "Matthews Maid"
Lots of toys in prison.
Next to the main studio. I love this picture.

What a surprise. Tony jumped out from the back! He spent time explaining how things worked behind the bar. From having half pints already poured so it doesn't take to long to pull a pint. To how lemonade is used to make shandy so the cast don't leave the studio the worse for wear.

He also went on to explain how he could be doing scenes well out of order as to how they appear on screen. Also how he organised his days so he knew where he should be at any time and which time frame he was shooting in. All in all it was interesting. I should have taken notes.

This makes a nice change from winning soap awards. These are football cups. Well done the Emmerdale team.
Plans of one of the houses on the wall.
The post office.
Looking into the cafe from the P.O.
The set has changed, the counter moved over to make it easier for filming.
Val's interiors.
Home farm's interior
I don't think it's Denise proposing. ! but someone is.
There just has to be a picture of the Dingles home.
Tall Trees where Marlon and Donna live.
Put it down Helen, it's plastic!!!
Baby Daniels nursery.