Club Weekend

Friday Night
The evening


At the studio

The Match

Sunday morning bright and shiny, after a full breakfast we were off to the village.

First there was a uxb exploded by Ian, well infact a lady who's birthday it was did it.

This was at the site of the old King house.

Just across from there behind Holdgate were the poly tunnels were Lily grew her plants. Yes they were the same that Ned and Jan Glover used all those years ago.
These are still used by Emmerdales gardener.
Pop in to Holdgate and the pink gets you.
Lots and lots of pink!
All boys like train sets don't they?
Helen thinks it's great fun. But she doesn't know what everyone now knows. It's used in another failed murder attempt by Nicola.
Yes even the kitchen is pink
The office.
So this is what Donald does...
Rich Ellis he was on our tail all weekend. He works on the interactive Emmerdale site.
Helen once again in Donalds shoes.
The loo isn't quite so impressive.
Looking across to the village.
The master bedroom.
So Nicola is all tidy on top but not underneath!!
Well this is as black as the downstairs is pink.
Looking up to the eves the web cam can be seen.
Toms grave stone with Rosemarys wooden cross.
Where Alice lies.
Len is here
This is where Daniel will lay.
The Dezouza van.
Greg and Mels home.
Swings away!
A distant view of Tall Trees the home of Marlon and Donna.
In side Tall Trees is not what is expected. It's Debbies place.
The kitchen bar is movable I'm guessing to make for the camera work.
Denise training to be a removal woman
The view from Tall Trees
Here you can see the back of The Mill.
Talking of The Mill. It houses a doctors surgery.
Dr Prentice anyone?
Jimmys go faster car.
Inside Jacks old house.
A chair! I thought Greg was supposed to be working?
The Kings run around.
Already for the guests.
Looking towards the Woolpack
The downstairs back room at the B&B.
Carrie and Scarletts village home.
It's all light and airy
The kitchen in Smithy Cottage.
Rosemarys room.
Paddys bedroom? This was also in Smithy Cottage.

Smithy Cottage was the last place we had time to visit, we could here the call of last bus from outside.
From there is was back to the hotel, but not everything was over just yet. There was dinner complete with huge Yorkshire Puddings.

The raffle and quiz winners were also given out. There was also the raffle for a two night stay at the Weetwood and trip around the studio. This raffle is different in that everyone who wants to writes their name on a five pound note and it goes into a draw.

There were two quizzes for results this weekend. The anagram which clues were left all over the village with hidden letters and the 50 question one.

There was a tie for first place on the 50 question one, so a tie breaker was asked. "How many main character Dingles have there been altogether?" One person answered 50 the other 25. The answer 37! So another question was quickly though up and asked. When is the Belfast Extravaganza taking place. One answer 7th June the other 8th June. With the 7th being right The winner was presented with a rather large bottle of champagne, which will never be drunk as it has been autographed by some of the cast.Around 2pm club members started to say thier goodbyes and depart. Hopefully to return again next year.