So on an October weekend it was once again the Emmerdale Fan Club's time to visit
  On arrival this time it was easy to see that the Club has come of age. Alli and Don worked hard all afternoon to get the decorations up,
  While they were busy beavering away, members of the club made the annual pilgrimage to The Stables.
  Mr Bob Hope, in his other life known as Tony Audenshaw gave a welcome speech. He also stayed to talk to everyone and sign autographs as well as pose for pictures.
  They used to be Jimmy's Angels but this year they came as Carl's Candy??? I think I may have that wrong. However it was Carl's something.
  This was scrumptious Bananoffee tart.
  Jenny and John caught on camera.
After dinner we all went along to the very large TV room to watch the evenings episode of Emmerdale. After which it was back to the bar for the pub quiz.